As a trading entity we believe in taking the most out of our cross-regional market activities and business network potentialities. ADDEX CHEMICAL LLC already has planned and will be starting up new business units in order to offer a more complete package of products and services to an always expanding customer/supplier base, looking to fulfill certain market gaps and opportunities we've identified over the years of experience in the international market and finding out the future trends of the trading business globally.

Soon we'll be showing in this section news about ADDEX'S new business units that are coming up.

But in the mean time...

Our team is always looking for new opportunities and partnerships with creative, serious and hard working entrepreneurs like us so, if you have some interesting/viable idea related to the international trading business and you feel like you need a hand to make it happen, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know about it, don't forget to tell us a bit more about yourself as well as your business background. We can't promise we'll be interested in any idea sent to us, but we'll definitely evaluate with good intentions all the interesting proposals landing at our business desk!