A wide portfolio always under development within our global suppliers to meet the requests from basic plastic finished goods production to the more sophisticated engineering plastic products in the world.


We believe in taking the most out of our cross regional market activities and business network potentialities. Learn more about ADDEX'S up coming new business units and our partnerships philosophy.


ADDEX CHEMICAL LLC aims on innovative ways of offering our regional markets expertise and demands directly to the global sources and taking in return the best from international producers right into our customers doorstep. Taking good care of all the complications that can be found in the midway, with the sole purpose of smoothening and optimizing our customers and suppliers experiences in the long cycles of cross-border deals.

Our duty is to serve you with excellence

There is no other way of adding up more value to our partners businesses than being a reliable and safe link from the petrochemical's inventories to the polymers end-user's facilities, shortening the pathway by managing market risks and operational challenges that may be faced in the process.

We offer both our suppliers and customers more than just ordinary business deals from point A to point B since we want to make sure the business experience with ADDEX CHEMICAL LLC is smooth and successful to all parties involved.

Our information network is always active and ready to feed up our stakeholders with "real time" market intelligence, collected by our procurement agents and local market representatives to enable our partners of taking good timely business decisions.


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