Adding Value To Your Operations


Our DNA was forged by the distribution business of imported raw materials to the plastic industry.
ADDEX CHEMICAL LLC is part of a natural step in the evolution and consolidation process of global's polymers supply chain, shortening pathways from international producers to local customers at the deepest corners of Latin America and wherever else we can reach around the world.
The USA based operation aims on the innovation of bringing regional markets expertise and demands directly to the global sources and taking in return the best from international producers right into our customers doorstep. Taking good care of all the complications that can be found in the midway, with the sole purpose of smoothening and optimizing our customers and suppliers experiences in the long cicles of cross-border deals.

The future is now

ADDEX CHEMICAL'S has a permanent commitment to support the circular economy initiatives from day one of it's recent founding. To us recycling is a key part of the business and it combines a great potential for business growth with the urge for a pattern transformation of the consumer markets in favour of our society's future generations. Being a reliable link from virgin polymer pellets to finished goods production and, participating in the plastics recycling value chain is a firm belief towards the future of plastics trading.